All about oil blotting paper

The origin of oil blotting paper

In the late Meiji era, one director had trouble with German-made Dolan used as makeup for a motion picture. After trying out various paper, he found that gold leaf paper absorbed the most amount of oil and successfully removed the appearance of oil. It is said that Kabuki actors and maiko started to use it since then.

For that reason, people often associated oil blotting paper with Kyoto yet, it was originally made with washi which flourished as a traditional industry of Kanazawa.

Gold leaf paper

Washi paper called Furuya paper is essential for making pure gold leaf paper which is one of the traditional industries of Kanazawa. A craftsman place gold leaf paper between each sheet of washi paper in many layers and beat it. It is said that its glossiness of gold leaf paper depends on the quality of washi. Inevitably, the quality of oil blotting paper also depends on the quality of washi.

Gold leaf paper making - Oil blotting paper

Today, the production of washi paper which has been used as “beat sheet” has been decreased, and the number of craftsmen engaged in paper making is also decreasing. Against this backdrop, we have made oil blotting paper based on the technology and experience of paper-making and the original foil beating while keeping the quality of Furuya paper.【Hiyori's oil blotting paper】is the highest quality oil blotting paper received the gold leaf paper manufacturing method certification by the Ishikawa prefecture foil commerce and industry cooperative association. The number of oil-blotting paper made with this technology is limited.

Hiyori's oil-blotting paper

100% natural ingredients from the materials of Japanese paper are processed without adding any chemicals while keeping the balance between fibers and inorganic matter, and It is manufactured using the same process with dozens of steps as the gold beating method. It is softer and more oil-absorbing oil blotting paper that is gentle to your skin.

Compare to other companies' products

Currently, there are three major types of oil blotting paper on the market: one is low-priced low-grade products made from pulp, which is called western paper. This also has low fat absorbency, softener and oil absorption agent, therefore it is not good for your skin.

The second type is made of materials other than paper such as polypropylene, and it is not comparable with those made of washi in terms of oil absorption power and reliability. The last one is made of washi paper, but most of them aren’t real, because chemicals are usually added in the process and it is manufactured with a press machine although they are sold as “authentic oil blotting paper made with the recent gold leaf paper making method”. There are Inferior products and some of them are just colored western paper.

An extract of “Hiyori "that is safe to the body. Sense of security like organic juice gives.

Originally oil blotting paper is used for preventing acne by removing excess oil, but why can something that is processed with chemicals and contains bleach be used for acne prevention? In other words, our "Hiyori" is made with natural materials which we take good care of with time the same as growing organic vegetables. It is just oil blotting paper, but it is indeed oil blotting paper. Since it is used every day, we are committed to making products that you can use with confidence.