The method of gold beating

Hiyori 's oil blotting paper has obtained the certification mark for its use of the gold beating method.

Gold leaf paper making method is a manufacturing method which literally manufactures gold leaf paper by a machine. It is impossible to beat and stretch a sheet of gold leaf paper directly in order to create the thinness.Therefore, we place each sheet between paper and beat to stretch them over the paper one at a time.

Gold leaf paper which is a pure material will react if it is placed between ordinary paper. Therefore, a special Japanese paper is carefully selected. A craftsman hammers with the skill and intuition using the specially selected paper. A craftsman continues to beat it repeatedly with his own hand with sincerity.

The process has more than ten steps and gold leaf paper is beaten into thinner and thinner in the process. Then, the paper is transformed into a piece of paper that has outstanding oil absorption power not found anywhere else in the world. That was the prototype of the Furaya paper that has been loved by Maiko since the old time.

What is made by the same foil craftsman sincerely with the same machine used for crafting gold leaf paper is called a gold leaf paper manufacturing method.

Hiyori 's oil blotting paper has obtained the certification mark for its use of the gold beating method.

The definition and the method of "gold leaf paper making - oil blotting paper" specified by Ishikawa prefecture foil commerce and industry cooperative association

A craftsman equipped with skill and intuition of gold beating

  • (1)【Oil Blotting Paper】that is crafted by carefully beaten base paper of【Oil Blotting Paper】with a foil-stripping machine which is capable of producing gold, silver and other foil paper.
  • (2)The fiber of paper of the finished 【Oil Blotting Paper】is hammered even more than the base paper so that has the texture of paper stretched by a foil-stripping machine.


  • ・Oil blotting paper that are simply manufactured with a foil-stripping machine that moves up and down does not satisfy the above (1), so it is not certified as a gold leaf paper manufacturing method.
  • ・Even for the oil blotting paper beaten with a foil striking machine, to satisfy the condition of (2), it requires a considerable amount of operation time Therefore, just beating with a foil-stripping machine doesn’t count as a gold leaf paper production method.

Traditional gold beating

Traditional goldbeating which requires hammering 800 times per minute is Alloy making Nobegane (stretching gold) Zumiuchi preparation Zumiuchi, Zumiuchi tailoring Hikiire, Uchimae Oil bloting paper

  1. Alloy making
  2. Nobegane (stretching gold)
  3. Zumiuchi preparation
  4. Zumiuchi
  5. Tailoring
  6. Beating gold
  7. Hikiire
  8. Uchimae
  9. Oil bloting paper